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The Operation tab allows you to change project settings relating to the way data is handled within InfoWater Pro.

To change Operation Settings, go to the InfoWater Pro tab > Project group, select the Preferences button, and then click Operation Settings.

Auto length Calculation - When selected, the length of digitized pipe segments will be automatically calculated and added into the InfoWater Pro database. When deselected, pipe lengths will not be automatically updated.

Length Scaling Factor - Applies a global scaling factor when calculating the length of all pipes added after the Auto Length Calculation option is selected. The pipe length (imported or calculated) is multiplied by the entered scaling factor. Leave it as 1.0 if the spatial reference of the GIS data is consistent with the InfoWater Pro model.

Auto Record Saving - Controls if modifications to records on various dialog boxes (such as the Edit Patterns, Edit Curves, Edit Data Set, etc.) are immediately saved when you select another record for editing on the same dialog box. When ON (selected), InfoWater Pro automatically saves edits to one database record when you change to another record on the same dialog box. When OFF, you must choose the Save button before moving to another record.

Auto Output Relate Update - Controls whether or not output relates are automatically updated each time you run a simulation in InfoWater Pro. When OFF (deselected), results from the most recent simulation run are not written to the output relate table.

Auto Database Packing - The Auto Database Packing option controls if database records are permanently deleted (selected "on") or only "marked for deletion" (selected "off") when the corresponding components are deleted from the network map or the operation tab. Use the Recall command to restore data elements deleted from the InfoWater Pro project. When a database is "packed", this means that all records marked for deletion are permanently deleted from the database. Do not pack a database if you plan to recall data elements.

Auto Output Retrieval - Controls whether or not InfoWater Pro makes simulation results from a custom scenario available when activating that scenario. When ON (selected), InfoWater Pro determines if the scenario being loaded has a valid output source containing results from a previous simulation run and then loads that output source into InfoWater Pro as the *active* output source. When OFF, InfoWater Pro disregards any previously generated simulation results when activating a scenario. If OFF, you must re-run the desired scenario before reviewing simulation results for the active scenario.

Delete Confirmation - Controls whether or not you are prompted to verify delete operation. When this option is not selected, components will be immediately deleted without user verification.

Auto Output Remembering - Controls whether or not InfoWater Pro preserves simulation results for the current scenario when deactivating that scenario and switching to another scenario. When ON (selected), simulation results associated with the scenario being de-activated remain available in the current project as an output source. When OFF, only the *active* output source is available for reports, graphing, etc.

Auto Demand Reset - Controls how demand sets will be loaded (activated) in the current project. When ON (selected), demands for all active junctions are set to null (zero) and then, for those junctions with a matching record in the current demand set, demands will overwrite the current demand set. When OFF, demands will be re-loaded from the demand set for those junctions with matching records in the demand set. For those junctions with no matching records in the newly loaded demand set, the value of the current demands are preserved.

Enable Output Save As - Controls whether or not simulation results are saved with an InfoWater Pro project when that project is saved as a new file name. When ON (selected), InfoWater Pro copies simulation results for the current project to the new project. When OFF, only model inputs are saved to the new project. If you choose to save simulation results to the new project, the [project_name].OUT directory will be copied in addition to the [project_name].IWDB folder containing model input data.

Auto Pipe Node Inclusion - Controls whether or not nodes directly connected to activated pipes will also be activated for a hydraulic simulation. When ON (selected), all nodes directly connected to activated pipes will also be activated. When OFF, nodes directly connected to activated pipes are not automatically activated. Using the Add Pipe Nodes button from the Facility Manager will ensure that end nodes will be included in the activated set. A hydraulic simulation will fail if end nodes are not activated.

Auto Pipe Delete - Controls whether or not the pipe(s) connected to a node selected for deletion will remain or be deleted. When ON, the pipe connected to a node selected for deletion will be deleted as well. Use the Recall command to recall a deleted node or pipe.

Batch Import on Open - This option will batch import from a geodatabase upon opening the project, based on the previously specified exchange clusters within GIS Gateway.

Single Output Report Loading - Use this command to disallow the Add Report dialog box after the desired report/graph is loaded. The current default allows you to load more than one graph(s)/report(s).

Batch Export on Save - This option will batch export to a geodatabase upon saving the project, based on the previously specified exchange clusters within GIS Gateway.

Warn Domain, Facility Reset - When selected, you will be prompted to confirm resetting Domain or Facility. When deselected, InfoWater Pro immediately resets Domain or Facility.

Display Description in Graphs - When you select this option, you display description in Graphs.

Disable Table Indexing - When you select this checkbox, you disable the table indexing for attribute tables when you have joined them to network element layers. (This option left unchecked by default.)

Allow Duplicated Report - Allows a duplicate report to be opened in the Report/Graph Manager.

Y Axis Zero Origin - When selected, the Y axis for any graph has zero origin. When deselected, the Y axis' scale is determined automatically.

Temporary Remove Table Join - If you select this checkbox, while updating attributes on a joined network element layer, the joined table will be temporarily removed and rejoined after update finished. That will reduce the time for update in some large projects. (This option is checked by default.)

Suffix Scenario ID in Printing Output Graph - When selected, the Scenario ID is added to the output graph title.

Allow Project Database Editing Buffer (Virtual DB) - Check this option if a Virtual Project Database is desired. It is recommended that this option be selected for data protection and optimal system performance. In cases where the project database is located on your network, InfoWater Pro will create a virtual database in your local directory and will assist in quicker processing time.

Export Simulation Result for External Application - When selected, simulation results are exported for external application. A valid selection set named EXT_APP_FILTER must be created that contains the desired links and nodes to be exported. Simulation results for those desired links and nodes are saved to the output (.OUT) folder under the current active scenario and will contain a database file (.DBF) for each element type selected. The simulation results in the DBF files can be utilized in an external application.

Text Editor - Specify the standard text editor. The default is Notepad. Click Browse  to specify any other editor. InfoWater Pro will use this editor to create run reports and will designate this as the standard text editor.

OK - Click OK to save and exit from the Preferences dialog box.

Cancel - Use this to exit without saving from the Preferences dialog box.