The Notification tab of the Protector enables you to utilize GIS-based parcel information for the purpose of notifying customers who may be affected by a contamination, node isolation, pipe breakdown, or an event trace condition. Generating a of list of customers for notification purposes is dependent upon having an established GIS customer parcel base coverage.

Notification Layer

The GIS-based layer that contains customer information as specified via the Options button.

Send Notification - Click Send Notification to send notifications to affected customers.

Save to File - Click Save to File to save the list of affected customers to a text file.

Options - The Options button is used for assigning the GIS-based layer to be used for conducting a customer notification. 

Reset Map - Click on this button to reset the map display to its default state.

Close - Click Close to close the Protector dialog box. To conduct another water security analysis, simply click on another analysis tab in the Protector dialog box.