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NetVIEW for InfoWater Pro is a state-of-the-art geospatial information viewing, distribution, and management software that facilitates rapid deployment and analysis of GIS data and modeling results in Google Earth. It delivers the unprecedented ability to seamlessly combine mapping, GIS, and modeling data with Google Earth in an integrated environment via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The information displayed can then be interactively queried online.

Built using Component and XML technologies, NetVIEW (for InfoWater Pro) gives water utilities fast access to mission-critical GIS and modeling information as well as extensive data reporting capabilities critical to supporting water distribution management activities. The groundbreaking application enables faster, better-informed decisions by overlaying GIS and network modeling results on top of precision satellite imagery. This information can be shared across departments for a complete, accurate picture of a water utility’s enterprise data and more efficient asset management and business planning.

With NetVIEW (for InfoWater Pro), you can display your water distribution network models and analyze, share, and view detailed hydraulic (e.g., flow and pressure) and water quality (e.g., chlorine and water age) modeling results from any number of modeling scenarios directly in Google Earth. In addition, NetVIEW Pro allows you to export contours and annotations. Armed with detailed information on trends or problem areas, you can collaborate in improving system efficiency and performance and protecting public health. These enhanced capabilities create significant advantages for the enterprise—including greater operational efficiency and emergency preparedness, better planning and more informed decision making, increased infrastructure protection and reliability, improved public notification, and stronger customer ties.

NetVIEW (for InfoWater Pro) has many infrastructure management applications for water utilities. These include:

  • Fire flow evaluation

  • Consequence/crisis management

  • Emergency preparedness and response

  • Vulnerability assessment

  • Homeland security

  • Infrastructure protection

  • Security upgrades

  • Improved public relations

  • Spatially enabled infrastructure management

  • Community notification

  • System redundancy and integrity

  • System performance and efficiency

  • Facility overview

  • Project management and collaboration

  • Proactive troubleshooting

  • Professional training presentation impact

Innovyze is happy to bring you the state-of-the-art in geospatial drinking water distribution system management technology to help you improve business efficiency and effectiveness.