InfoWater Pro Multi-Species Model (MSX) provides user-friendly approach to build complicated water quality models. To display the MSX dialog box, you should follow these steps: 

  • Go to Command Center in the Model Explorer
  • Click on Tools menu
  • Select Multi-Species Model

The Multi-Species Model dialog box displays. You can choose a model from the Multi-Species (MSX) Model dialog box as described below.

The Multi-Species Model parameters can be specified for individual pipes and tanks to override the global values. Also species initial qualities can be assigned to both pipes and tanks. Some nodes will also be specified as the sources of individual species.

Each icon/tool button of the Multi-Species Model dialog box is described below:

Model – Name of Multi-Species Model.

There are seven system example models that are already built into InfoWater MSX and these models are named CHLORAMINE, DBP, INACTIVATION, PSM1,  PSM2, Temperature, and Turbidity.  

Description – Description of Multi-Species Model.

Note – Notes to describe the details of the active model.

The toolbar provides the functionality to generate, save, and delete water quality model (MSX) files:

  • New Model - Create a new MSX file.
  • Reset Model - Reset MSX file settings.
  • Save - Save to current MSX file.
  • Save As - Save as new MSX file.
  • Delete Model - Delete an MSX file.
  • Set as Active Model - Sets MSX file for model.
  • Import a MSX Model - Imports a MSX model.
  • Export a MSX Model - Exports a Multi-Species Model.

There are five tabs in Multi-Species Model dialog box and will be described in detail.

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