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The Merge Model function allows the merging of two separate project models into a single model. Please be aware that the spatial reference must be the same for both projects for the final map data to be merged properly. 

To merge models, go to the Model Explorer, click Command Center tab on the bottom, navigate to the Exchange group, and click Merge Model.

Merge Model - Step #1

In Step 1 of the merge process, the source model is selected and import options and conflict resolution options are selected.

Foreign (Source) Model - Use the Browse  button to select the model to be opened and merged with the current existing model.

Import Options - Various data elements of the source model can be selected for import or excluded from the import.

Conflict Resolution Options - This option determines how to handle data conflicts with data objects that have the same ID in the current and source model. If Skip Object with Conflict ID is selected, any data objects in the incoming model having the same ID as a data object in the current model will be ignored and the import data skipped during the merge process. If Import Object with Alternative ID is selected, conflicting IDs will be merged but a prefix or suffix will be added to the incoming source ID to prevent a data conflict.

Select Next to continue or Cancel to return to the map view.

Merge Model - Step #2

Step 2 of the Merge Model process allows you to review the ID conflicts.

Tabs for Nodes, Pipes, Patterns, Curves, and Rules are displayed and the number of conflicts encountered is shown on each tab. You can then review each conflict to determine if a correct resolution of the conflict has been made. Columns labeled #1 refer to the current model while columns labeled #2 refer to the source or foreign model. Use the Back button to return to Step 1 to adjust the conflict resolution settings if required.

A mouse click anywhere in the data grid will display the following menu:

Menu Options:

Sort Ascending - Sorts the selected column in ascending order.

Sort Descending - Sorts the selected column in descending order.

Copy - Copies selected items to the clipboard for pasting in some other application.

Find... - Opens the Find window to locate text within the current grid.

Print... - Opens the Print window to print the current grid.

Fit Column - Adjusts column width to fit the maximum text width in each column.

Font... - Opens the Font selection window to adjust font style, size, and effects.

Select Next to continue, Back to return to the previous step, or Cancel to return to the map view.

Merge Model - Step #3

Step 3 allows you to verify all of the selected parameters before proceeding to the merge operation.

If the parameters are correct, select Next to continue. If you would like to adjust parameters, select Back to return to a previous step or select Cancel to return to the map view.

Merge Model - Step #4

Step 4 completes the merge process. The current model and the source model are combined into a single model based on the selected parameters and a report of the progress is displayed.

You may review the model merge process, and select Finish to complete the process or select Cancel to return to the map view.

This completes the merge model process.