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The Junction Pressure tab allows you to assign field measured data to select junction nodes within the distribution system. During the calibration simulation, the properties of the system will be altered in order to generate a correlation between the actual field data and the simulation results. When a correlation is establish within the parameters specified (junction pressures included), the model will reach a state of calibration with results being written to the Run Summary tab.

Main Menu

Mode - Choose a mode (Steady State, Fire Flow, or Extended Period) for Calibrator.

Run - Go to Run to Start and Stop the trial. You can also choose Options.... to view the Calibration Options dialog box: 

Help - Click to go to ContentsIndex, or About Calibrator to find more information on Calibrator.

Junction ID

Insert the junction ID where pressure data has been measured.


Modes: EPS only

Insert the time associated with the target pressure measurement.


Insert the target pressure to be met for the corresponding junction node ID.


Displays the pressure predicted based on the solution obtained for the calculated model parameters (i.e., pipe roughness, junction demand and pipe status).


Displays the percent difference between the observed and simulated pressures.

Input Data Buttons

The Input Data buttons located on the right side of the dialog box allows you to input and edit data into the data fields as well as to analyze the data once it is entered.

Insert ID

This button allows you to select an element ID by using the map to select the element directly from the map display.

Update ID

This button allows you to update an element ID assigned to the current grouping via graphical selection from the map display.

Select Time

This button allows you to select with the time slider display.

Clear All

This button will remove each ID from the current dialog box.


Use this button to load a selection set of ID's into the table.


Use this option to save the ID's in the table as a selection set.

Insert Rows

Use this button to insert the selected number of rows into dialog box display.

Delete Rows

This button will remove the row at the current cursor location for the current dialog box.

Set Rows

Adds the selected number of rows to the dialog box.


Click on this button to open a comparison graph of the simulated and observed values for the corresponding parameter.