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Under the Junction Concentration tab you have the ability to define the target field measurements for selected junctions that are to be matched in the calibration analysis. The following dialog box items appear for the Junction Concentration tab and are defined as follows:



  • Water Quality - This menu item activates the Water Quality dialog box to specify the desired pipe wall coefficient groups, junction concentration field measurements, system constraints and optimization options to run a water quality model calibration.

  • Exit - Exit the WQ Calibrator dialog box.


  • Start - Launch the calibration run based on the input parameters specified and the Run tab will appear on the screen.

  • Stop - Interrupt the calibration run. You can stop the optimization at any time and review your calibration results.

  • Options - Launch the Calibration Options dialog box which controls optimization properties and simulation options. With this command you can specify the convergence parameters, advanced GA options, and the objective function type.


  • Contents - Launch the Contents tab of the WQ Calibrator online help.

  • Index - Launch the Index tab of the WQ Calibrator online help.

  • About WQ Calibrator - Launch the About WQ Calibrator dialog box which summarizes the version properties and other information.

Junction Concentration Data

Row Number - Row number of the Concentration Junction ID entry.

Junction ID - Define the junction ID where field data has been measured.

Time - Time associated to the target field measurement.

Observed - User-specified target concentration to be met for the corresponding junction node ID.

Simulated - Concentration predicted based on the solution obtained for the calculated model parameters (i.e., pipe wall coefficients).

% Diff - Percent difference between the observed and simulated concentration.


Insert ID - Insert junction ID to the active row by clicking on the individual junction in the map view.

Update ID - Update junction ID to the active row by clicking on the individual junction in the map view.

Select Time - Displays the time slider to select the time associated with the current junction ID.

Clear All - Delete all junction IDs in the Junction Concentration table.

Load - Load the Junction Concentration table from a Selection Set with the calibration junction IDs.

Save - Save the current calibration junction IDs to a selection set.

Insert Rows - Inserts a new row at the current location.

Delete Rows - Deletes the row at the current location.

Set Rows - Specify the number of rows to be created in the Junction Concentration table.

Graph - Launch calibration analysis graph window for the selected junction.