To install InfoWater Pro, the user must have administrative rights. If this is not the case, please the IT department for higher privileges. During installation, a selection prompt for either a floating license or a fixed seat license will appear. If the fixed seat option is selected, the following prompt will ask for a Serial Number and a CD key. If the floating option license is selected, a prompt asking for the name of the server where the Innovyze Floating License Server is installed on will appear. If the license provided is a Suite license, Suite extensions can then be downloaded by clicking on the extension link provided in the delivery e-mail. Please note that the Suite extensions can only be installed once InfoWater Pro has been installed and activated.

To install InfoWater Pro for a single user or on a network, perform the following procedure:

  • Turn on the computer and start Windows. Close any other applications that are currently running.
  • Save or Run the installation executable from the link provided in the delivery email. If this is a re-install, please contact Innovyze Support for the most current installation link by email at or contact us at (626) 568-6868 or (626) 568-6869.  
  • If the installation file was saved, run the installation executable and follow the on-screen instructions for system specific information. 
  • After completing the installation, open ArcGIS Pro, create a new project, and verify that there is an InfoWater Pro toolbar included on the top bar. If the InfoWater Pro tab is missing, close every instance of ArcGIS Pro and open it again. Create a new project and the InfoWater tab should be there.