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The UDF interface consists of a UDF window pane and More options. The InfoWater Pro UDF is used to analyze system flushing and the volume of water used. 

UDF Window Pane

The UDF window pane provides access to the Flush Zone Manager , the Flush Zone Statistics, the Flush Sequencing Manager Notify Affected Customers , and all other UDF properties. 

More Options for UDF

You can click on More to view this drop-down menu for UDF (see below). The UDF More options provide access to the following commands: Set Hydrant/Valve Symbols, ID Labeling, Auto Associate Hydrant, Auto Associate Valve, Import UDF Data, Edit Hydrant Attribute, Edit Valve Attribute, Edit Pipe Attribute, Assign Emitter Coefficient for Hydrant, Interpolate Hydrant Elevation, Calculate Length for Hydrant Lateral, UDF Data QA/QC, Color Code Flushing Zone, Draw Hydrant-Pipe Linkage, and Print Field Journal