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Traditional water quality simulation provides water quality information at all the network locations over time. Such information is valuable for the evaluation of overall network performance and identification of specific location and time with water quality problem. However, the detailed flow path information between water sources and network location and time of interest is lost. Tracing study can answer the question of how much water comes from a source, but cannot tell you which sets of pipes the water will pass through before reaching a specific node at a specific time period. Such flow path information can be very useful in analyzing water contamination events.

InfoWater Pro BackTrace eXtension (BTX) is a state-of-the-art geocentric solution to help determine contaminant injection locations following successful detection of a contamination event. This new contamination threat identification tool can greatly assist water utilities in effectively and appropriately planning for and responding to contamination threats and incidents and minimizing potential impacts to consumers.

Built atop ArcGIS Pro (Esri, Redlands, California), InfoWater Pro BTX seamlessly integrates advanced dynamic water network modeling with sophisticated Lagrangian-based particle (water parcel) backtracking algorithms to help water utilities determine all possible contamination sources in space and time.

Unlike traditional hydraulic and water quality models, which do not track flow paths and are limited to only providing output information at all locations over time, InfoWater Pro BTX runs in reverse time to compute input-output water quality characteristics for all flow paths between input sources and output nodes. The program accurately calculates all flow paths leading to particular output network nodes at a particular time. Armed with this complete input-output information for all paths between sources and output nodes, you can effectively devise and implement response actions such as unidirectional flushing and operational changes to reduce the impact of a contamination event.

InfoWater Pro BTX is part of Innovyze’s comprehensive Contamination Warning System solution portfolio for water utilities. The end-to-end solution portfolio handles all the critical functions of an effective contamination warning system: detection, originating source identification, and consequence management. InfoWater Pro SLM helps water utilities identify the optimal placement of online water quality monitoring sensors. IWLive aids in monitoring and warning of a possible contamination threat. InfoWater Pro BTX provides complete event backtracking analysis (following the detection of a contamination event) and identifies the most likely originating source locations. InfoWater Pro UDF guides the selection of hydrant locations to flush and valves to close. Together, these tools give water utilities worldwide powerful support in designing vulnerability analyses and contamination warning systems that minimize the public health impact of a contamination event and carrying out drills and training to improve preparedness. They can also be effective in hardening water systems and planning responses to contamination threats and incidents long before they occur.

InfoWater Pro BTX also provides a range of powerful graphical presentation tools, including color-coded mapping and VCR-style animation, to help you step through an extended period simulation backward in time, instantly visualize water quality propagation, and comprehend the flow-path-dependent water quality processes from contaminated nodes as they are traced back to the originating sources.

Innovyze is happy to bring you the state-of-the-art in drinking water distribution system management and protection technology to help you enhance your contamination warning system and plan effective responses to contamination threats and incidents.

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