Using Online Documentation 

InfoWater Pro documentation is provided in an online help format. The online documentation delivers extensive information about InfoWater Pro modeling with your ArcGIS software application. The documentation includes numerous topics, each including narrative descriptions, illustrations, and diagrams describing the features of InfoWater Pro.

The online help offers the ability to rapidly search a desired topic or to move between related topics in a fast, efficient manner. An extensive index is available allowing you to search on any number of words, phrases, or commands. InfoWater Pro Help is organized into several major sections, each identified by a magenta book in the Help Contents. Each section contains numerous related topics.

Accessing InfoWater Pro's Online Help

InfoWater Pro Help is available from the software application. You may press the F1 key to see documentation on the command or tool you are currently using. For example, you can open the Run Manager and while the Run Manager is open, press the F1 key to see the Run Manager command help topic on the screen. You may click on any portion of the dialog box in the help topic for more information.

Not all of our help topics are available from the software application. If you cannot access our help via our software application, please refer to our online help website: first before calling our Technical Support.

Navigating InfoWater Pro Help

Use either the InfoWater Pro Search box (see screenshot below) that is located on the top-left corner of your screen or the Index to navigate to the desired topic.  Embedded in the text of each topic are numerous jumps to other related topics. These are identified by underlined blue text. Simply touch the desired jump text with the mouse to immediately move to the related topic. 

Printing InfoWater Pro Help Topics 

You may print any InfoWater Pro Help topics you desire. To do so, navigate to the desired Help topic (e.g., this topic on help documentation) and select it from the Pages panel. Then click on the Tools button, and choose Export to Word or Export to PDF to print a topic as shown below. 

Your help topic will appear in a Word format or PDF format at the bottom-left corner of your screen. You may open the file and print it as a Word or PDF document.

It is not recommended that you print the entire suite of Help topics though it is possible to do this. Instead, print only those topics that are of interest to you or are of importance to your work.