There are a number of devices in InfoSurge that will help to reduce the magnitude of the pressure waves when a transient occurs in the system. These devices are created by first creating a node and then changing it into a Surge Protection Device by clicking on the Surge Protection Device  button. The dialog box will appear that will allow you to select the type of Surge Protection Device that you wish to create. The options are:

  • Side Discharge Orifice

  • Open Surge Tank

  • One Way (Feed) Tank

  • Closed Surge Tank

  • Bladder Surge Tank

  • Rupture Disk

  • Pressure Relief Valve

  • Surge Anticipation Valve

  • 1 and 2 Stage Air Vacuum Valve

  • 3-Stage Air Vacuum Valve

  • Hydraulically Actuated Surge Anticipation Valve

  • Electrically Actuated Surge Anticipation Valve

Note 1: If you have a junction node selected but the Surge Protection Device  button is disabled, then a demand change curve has already been defined for this node. In order to change the node to a Surge Protection Device, you will need to click on the Demand Change button and then click Purge in the Junction Demand Change window. The Surge Protection Device button will now be enabled.

Note 2: A surge protection device should be located in a junction connected between two pipes only. If the device is placed on another junction (e.g., with a one or three pipe connection), InfoSurge will create the error message: “invalid pipe connection configuration at surge protection device.”