Pipe Wave Speed can be entered or changed for individual pipes or it can be entered for a domain or a user-selected group of pipe elements.

By clicking on the Pipe Wave Speed  button from the Surge Toolbar you will cause the Pipe Surge Data screen to appear. Using the correct wave speed is essential for the accurate calculation of the magnitude of pressure surges in the system. A Wave Speed Calculator is provided to help you compute this value if you do not know it. After you fill in the wave speed, you must click on the Create button to apply the entered value to this pipe. A global wave speed can be set from the Run Manager which will apply to all pipes which do not have a wave speed explicitly set.

Wave Speed

Enter the wave speed value in this field for an individual pipe. You can use the Wave Speed Calculator to calculate the wave speed value. This utility can be effectively used for automatically calculating the wave speed based on the liquid, pipe material, diameter, wall thickness, and type of restraint.

Purge - Use the Purge button to remove any existing Wave Speed Data.

Create/Update - Enter new or changed Wave Speed data and exit the Wave Speed Data dialog box window.

Cancel - Cancels any new or changed Wave Speed data and closes the Wave Speed Data dialog box window.

Group Editing

You can also use the Group Editor to change the wave speed data on a domain or user selected group of pipes. The Group Editor is located in the InfoWater Pro menu under Edit> Group Editing or from the InfoWater Pro Edit Network toolbar.