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Demand Patterns from Mass Balance analysis in Info360 Insight can now be associated with InfoWater Pro patterns in the Pattern tab of the Live Data Adapter. Once this mapping between Info360 and model patterns is established, any Incident Manager simulations in Info360 Insight will dynamically pull the latest demand pattern for improved real-time simulations.

To import your Demand Pattern into Info360:

  1. Click on your LDA icon from InfoWater Pro ribbon.
  2. Go to Pattern tab in your Live Data Adapter - Sensor Configuration dialog box (see below).
  3. Click on the New Pattern button.
  4. Fill out your Pattern form.
    1. Pattern: Select the desired Info360 Insight pattern from the drop-down menu list of available Hourly or 15-minute patterns. 
    2. Pattern Duration: The duration is populated based on the selected Info360 Pattern. 
    3. InfoWater Pro Pattern: Choose your InfoWater Pro Pattern from your pre-populated drop-down menu list.

5. Click OK