Use the Import Meter Data button to import existing meter data. This feature converts a text data file into a point theme shapefile representing meter data. At a minimum, the text file must have fields defining the X and Y coordinates and a demand for each record. Optionally, a usage type may be included (e.g., residential, commercial, industrial) as well as the associated Pipe and/or the associated Junction ID if known. After conversion, a demand field (HX_DMD) and a usage type field (HX_USAGE) will be created and added to the resultant shapefile. The shapefile will be added as a data layer to the existing model and the meter locations will be displayed.

Sample Meter data CSV file: Below is a sample comma separated text file containing meter coordinates as well as demand and usage type information.

To Create Meter Layer From a text file, the various fields in the text file columns must be mapped to the proper data fields.

Delimiter - Use this function to select the delimiter that is used in the meter file. Selections are Comma, Tab, Space, Colon, Semicolon, or Other. If other is selected use the space at the right to indicate which character is used as the delimiter.

Reset Field List - This button is used to cleat the Field Mapping list and reset the list to default values.

File Preview Window - This window is used to preview the meter data file.

Field Mapping

  • X Coordinate Field - Select the column containing the meter x-coordinate.

  • Y Coordinate Field - Select the column of field containing the meter y-coordinate.

  • Demand Field - Select the column or field containing the demand data for the meter.

  • Usage Type Field - If the usage type is available select the proper column or field (optional).

  • Junction ID Field - If the associated Jucntion ID data is available select the proper column or field (optional).

  • Pipe ID Field - If the associated Pipe ID data is available select the proper column or field (optional).

Meter Shapefile - Use the Browse button or enter the path and name to create a new shapefile for the meter data.

Skip First Row - If the first row of the text file contains the field names, select this option to skip the first row.

Create - Create the new shapefile and insert it on the map as a new layer.

Close - Close this window.