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InfoWater's Engineering Validation Manager provides an efficient way to review input data for missing or unexpected values as well as connectivity issues. InfoWater Pro will check all network components for up to 60 rules. Set up the dialog box, and then click to generate the engineering validation report. This report is viewed using the InfoWater Message Board - Validation Result Tab.

  • Check Rule - The rule will be included in the validation report if a red check () is seen.

  • ID - The internal ID of the Rule.

  • Warning Message - A general description of the Rule. Review this area to see which rules are available.

  • Warning Level - The warning level is user defined and only to rank errors according to importance. Double click in the warning level cell to modify this value.

  • Valid Value Range - The value range for the corresponding parameter that is acceptable. Values outside this range will generate an error in the report. Double click in the warning level cell to modify the value(s).

Uncheck All - Check this box to add all elements that generate errors to the domain.

Check File - Checks all rules with a check mark.

Clear Validation Results - Clears all engineering review results from the message board.

Options - Click Option to access the options below:

  • Deepest Warning Level - Enter an integer to use as the highest value of a warning level.
  • Maximum Results Listed - Controls the maximum number of errors that will be listed in validation result tab of the message board.
  • Clear Previous Results Automatically- All existing errors will be erased from the validation result tab during the next review when this box is checked.