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After a successful run of back tracing, the flow paths can be seen in the map. You are allowed to select tracing end time using the time bar. The pipes constitute the flow paths between tracing start time and end time will be highlighted. Tracing end time must be less than or equal to tracing start time. If tracing end time is selected to be equal to tracing start time, only the pipes feeding the selected node at tracing start time will be highlighted. The highlighted region will grow as tracing end time is decreased until all the flow paths are highlighted in the map.  

Time Step Increment - Enter the time step interval.

Highlight Color - Select the highlight color to be used in the map view. Double click to select color.

Tracing End Time:

  • Move - Move to start time.
  • Back - Move back one time step increment.
  • Next Back - Move to next step back.
  • Move Forward - Move to next step forward.
  • Next Forward - Move one time step increment forward.
  • End time - Move to end time.

Display - Use this button to generate display.

Close - Use the Exit button to close the BTX analysis.