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The Digitize Network command is most helpful when digitizing pipes and nodes in bulk. The order of the pipe and node creation does not matter when using the Digitize Network command. This method is most useful when creating a network on the fly. Data corresponding to the different elements may be entered once the network is in place through the database tables.

Using Digitize Network

  1. The Digitize Network Command may be found on the InfoWater Pro Ribbon in the Edit Group using the → Insert Command dropbox .  
  2. Choose the Digitize Network IWPR_DigitizeNetworkicon from the → Insert Command dropbox  .

    When the Digitize Network is the active command it will be highlighted in Blue as shown: 
  3. Select an upstream node if one exists or left click on the part of the network where you wish to begin digitizing the network.
  4. Select intermediate vertices to identify pipe curvature by left clicking at the desired vertex points.
    1. To move a vertex, hover the mouse over the active vertex until the mouse symbol changes to this  pointer. At this symbol, you may hold the left-click button to move the vertex. When at the desired location simply release the left-click button.
    2. If you wish to change the type of end node to be created, right click on the mouse. Note that you may need to move off the last vertex to avoid seeing the ArcGIS Pro vertex menu before right clicking. Select the desired next node element type to be created with the check box.

  5. Double-click to indicate the position of the end node. A new node of the type specified will be created at the current location of the mouse upon the double click. Continue the process till your entire network has been digitized or until you are satisfied with the digitization process.
  6. To finish the digitization process, right-click and select the Stop Command or press the ESC key on the keyboard. This will stop the next pipe creation and halt the network Digitization.
  7. Once the digitization process has been completed, click the individual elements in the Model Explorer to edit elements one at a time. You may group by a domain and enter data into the element database tables by using the DB Editor command from the InfoWater Control center > InfoWater button > Edit  menu or click on the element and use the Model Explorer browser to input the data.

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