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Each output relate contains one single relate table.  Choose the relate table that you would like to associate with the current output relate.  The list of available tables will vary depending on which Target Simulation type you have chosen.

Standard Hydraulic/ Quality Simulation - When your Target Simulation is the standard hydraulic run, all the standard output tables will be available. Click here for more information on the different output report types. Choose from among the following Output Report types.

Fire Flow Simulation - In the case of Fire-Flows, the following reports will be available.

SCADA Simulation - SCADA result include the following reports.

Note - If you wish to store simulation results for all six network component types (pipes, pumps, valves, junction nodes, tanks and reservoirs) in output relates, create six separate relates, select the same Target Scenario, Target Simulation, and Report Page for each relate, and then choose the desired output report table for each relate.