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The Valve hydraulic tables contain all the modeling information for control valves as shown below:

ID - The Valve ID. This field cannot be deleted, modified or altered.

TYPE - Refers to the valve type. InfoWater allows for various control valve types.

Elevation - Specify the elevation of the valve.

Diameter - Enter the diameter of the valve in this field, in (mm).

Setting - Downstream pressure setting, psi (m)

Minor Loss - Minor loss coefficient, K. InfoWater will calculate the minor loss as k(V*2)/2g. This field is optional.

Diameter - Diameter of valve, in. (mm)

Curve - Selected curve ID.

PID - The tank whose levels dictate the behavior of the Float Valve for float valves only.

LCL - The low "turn-on" level of the tank for float valves only.

UCL - The high "turn-off" level of the tank for float valves only.