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This table contains pump efficiency data. This data is used at the time of running an Energy Management analysis. Refer to the section on Energy Management for more information.

ID - The Pump ID.

SPEED - Enter the Pump speed here..

TYPE - Refers to the Type of the Pump Efficiency curve. Choose between 0:Constant, 1:Quadratic and 2:Multi-Point Curve.

EFFICIENCY - For 0:Constant pumps only, enter the pump efficiency here.

CURVE - Specify the curve type for both 1:Quadratic and 2:Multi-Point Curve type pumps here.

Note: You may add rows to this table using the Insert  or the Append  icon. You may also delete rows from this table by using the Delete  icon. This may provide a quick method to assign Efficiency data to a number of pumps. Also it provides a means to edit Efficiency data on a global level on the fly.