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This table contains all the Pump and Control Valve Simple Controls. Simple controls change the status of the node depending on criteria specified by you. Refer to the section on Simple Controls for more information.

ID - The Node ID.

DISABLED - Choose Yes if you want to disable the control. The default status is NO.

SEQ - Internal InfoWater Handle. Do not alter or change this field.

STATUS - The action, such as Open, Close or Change Setting.

SETTING - The New Setting of the node.

METHOD - The method such as 0:By Time or 1: By Node Level etc.

CTRL_TIME - Incase 0: By Time is chosen, then enter the control time here.

CTRL_ID - The control element ID in cases where the method is anything but 0: By Time.

CONTEXT - The context such as 0:Above or 1: Below.

CTRL_VAL - The control value for the control to take action.

CLOCK_FMT - The clock Style such as 0: 24 Hr, 1: AM or 2: PM.

CNTRL_CLOCK - The actual  Time entered when the 0: By Time option is chosen.

Note: You may add rows to this table using the Insert  or the Append  icon. You may also delete rows from this table by using the Delete  icon.