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The Contamination module of the Protector allows you to determine the extent of a contaminant after its initial introduction to the system.


A hazardous chemical is introduced at a well site at 2:00 A.M. and is not discovered until 6:00 A.M. The extent of this contamination can be determined by entering an Event Time of 2:00 and specifying an Event Duration of 4 hours. You will then illustrate the extent of the introduced contaminant by changing the color of pipes in the Protector.

Source Location

Use this to identify the contaminant source node. You can specify the display color using the Color on Map section below. Use the Browse  button to select the source node in the map view.


  • Event Time - Specify the start time to run the Contamination simulation. The simulation will run from hour 0:00 to the time specified and will end at the Event Duration time.  For example, if hour 13:00 is specified as the Event Time and a given a Duration of 4 hours, the Contamination simulation will run from hour 13:00 to 17:00 hours.
  • Event Duration - Specifies the duration after the simulation start time for the Contamination simulation run.

  • Select Time - Use this to select the start time for Contamination simulation run.

Results Selection Set

  • Affected Facilities - Used to designate a selection set to store the affected facilities upon completion of the Contamination simulation. Specify a display color for the affected facilities in the Color on Map section below. Use the Browse button to open the Selection Set Manager.

Color on Map

Use this box to specify a display color for the affected facilities, source location, and closed facilities.

  • Source Location - Use this section to select the color for the Source Node.

  • Affected Facilities - Use this section to select the color for the Affected Facilities.

Run - Run the Contamination simulation starting at the specified Event Time and continuing until the Event Duration is satisfied.

Notify - Determine the affected customers after running the Contamination simulation.

Purge Water... - Determine the total amount of contaminated water that needs to be purged from the system after the Contamination simulation run.

Update Map - Use Update Map to view the affected facilities.

Options - The Options button is used for assigning the GIS-based layer to be used for conducting a customer notification.  

Reset Map - Click on the Reset Map button to reset the map display to its default state.

Close - Click Close to close the Protector dialog box. To conduct another water security analysis, simply click on another analysis tab in the Protector dialog box.