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CityWatch is a Notification Server provides the ability to create, target, and send an instant alert or notification message to literally thousands of destinations within minutes. The Protector is enhanced to automatically generate the information required by CityWatch, so instant alerts and other important notification messages can be sent to telephones, cell phones, pagers (text/numeric), e-mail addresses, fax machines, wireless devices, PDA's, SMS devices, and more within minutes. The Protector is compatible with CityWatch 2005 Release 1.5 or above. CityWatch is developed by Avtex, Inc. Please refer to for further information.

Option Screen

CityWatch administrator must set up CityWatch first before setting the options in the Protector. To specify the interface parameters, click Options.  


1. Select the Notification Layers which contains fields correspond to user information such as user names, phone numbers, and so forth.  

2. Check Use CityWatch to Send Notifications to indicate that this option is turned on. 

3. Specify recipient information by selecting the fields in the notification layer mapping to name, phone number, fax number, email/SMS, and pager.

4. Specify the CityWatch server name or IP address.

5. Specify the CityWatch port number. The default port is 1001.

6. Specify the CityWatch Notification List Number, Sender Mailbox Number, Mailbox User Class, and Security Code.

7. Finally, specify the location of the Custom Notification file. This file must be specified in CityWatch configuration for the specified mailbox.  During dispatch of notifications, this file will be populated with customer contact information for CityWatch to process.