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The Change ID command allows you to change the ID for any desired data element.

To do any ID change, go to the Model Explorer, click on the Command Center tab on the bottom, navigate to the Utilities group, and double-click Change ID.

Desired Element Type - From the drop-down menu, select the InfoWater PRO data element for which an ID change is to occur.

Old ID Enter the current ID.

New ID:  Enter the new ID.

Apply:  Click Apply to make the ID change.

Set Rows:  Specify the number of rows for mass editing (twenty is the default).

Close:  Close the current dialog box.

To perform a mass edit, use the DB Editor and open the database where the subject ID's are stored. Highlight and copy the ID's into the Windows clipboard and paste the values into a third-party software like Microsoft Excel.  Next to each ID, enter the new value for the ID - Using Excel functions like "mid" and "concatenate" to help you in the mass edit. Once you have the old and new ID's, determine how many rows are being used in Excel. Highlight all old and new ID's in Excel and use Ctrl+C to copy the highlighted area. Go back to InfoWater Pro, use the Set Rows command to make the rows the same as those in the Windows clipboard. Once this is done, highlight the first cell in the Change ID dialog box and use the Ctrl+V function to paste the values from the clipboard. You have now greatly reduced your time from having to edit each ID individually. Click Apply to change the ID's, and then Close to close the dialog box.