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The Calibrator module provides sophisticated micro-level pipe network calibration capabilities. It casts the micro-calibration problem as an implicit nonlinear optimization problem subject to explicit inequality and equality constraints.

The optimization problem consists of determining the roughness coefficient values, junction demands, and pipe statuses that produce the minimum overall difference between the observed measurements (e.g., fire flow tests, SCADA measurements) and model predicted results.

The resulting value for the pipe roughness coefficient and nodal junction demand for each group is determined from a user-specified range of minimum and maximum values associated with their respective group (e.g., PVC, CI, DIP, AC, etc.). It is assumed that all pipes within a group will have an identical roughness coefficient. It is also assumed that all junctions within a group will have an identical demand multiplication factor. As such, you should lump pipes and junctions together in separate groups based on relevant information.

Features of the Calibrator Module

  • Up to 50 distinct pipe roughness groups, 50 different junction demand groups, and 50 pipe status variables can be defined with this version of the Calibrator.

  • Pressure measurements and flow measurements can be specified for maximum flexibility. The number of field measurements must be greater than or equal to the number of decision variables, the more measurements the better the accuracy of the calibration.

The Calibrator provides you with an efficient, flexible, and easy-to-use vehicle for accurate and reliable model calibration and validation. It is assumed that the data collected and used for calibration is accurate.

Running the Calibrator Module

The Calibrator is initialized by selecting the Apps button from the InfoWater Pro ribbon. With the App Manager dialog box open, select Calibrator from the list of applications. With the Calibrator dialog box open, click on the Run menu and choose Start to being your calibration.