The Pressure Violation Junctions report shows the junctions whose pressure has violated the Low/Min Pressure Threshold setting.


Some toolbar buttons may not be available for all reports. Toolbar items that are grayed are not available for this report type. 


  • Assessment ID - The ID's of the elements assessed during the valve criticality analysis are listed in this column of the table.

  • Junction ID - ID of junction.

  • Baseline Pressure - Pressure at the junction before the assessment.

  • Assessing Pressure - Pressure at the junction during the assessment.

  • % Pressure Change - Percent pressure difference from the baseline to the assessed pressure.

Pound Areas

Use this option to select between Upstream Pound, Downstream Pound, Combined Pound or All 3 Pounds. 

Pound Colors

Displays the color scheme used for the pound report on the map display.