Isolated junctions are junctions isolated by the formation of a pound and also by geographical or hydraulic disconnection.

NOTE: InfoWater CAM will report unmet demands for all Isolated Junction Elements. Isolated Junctions do not contribute to the total System Demand for the network.


Some toolbar buttons may not be available for all reports. Toolbar items that are grayed are not available for this report type. 


  • Assessment ID - The ID's of the elements assessed during the valve criticality analysis are listed in this column of the table.

  • Description - The description (From the InfoWater Pro Information Database Tables) of the element that was assessed.

  • Isolated Junction - All isolated junctions in the currently selected pound area are listed in this column.

Pound Areas

Use this option to select between Upstream Pound, Downstream Pound, Combined Pound or All 3 Pounds. 

Pound Colors

Displays the color scheme used for the pound report on the map display.