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Step 3 - Boundary Pipe Elements screen allows you to designate alternate pipes that will act as boundary elements during the trace analysis. The pressure zone trace analysis will consider any pipes in the list below as a boundary element and it will halt the pressure zone trace analysis at the selected element. This feature can be useful if you wish to define a pressure zone by political or geographical boundaries rather than by pressure considerations alone.

To use this feature, select Add Pipe to select boundary pipes one at a time or use the Select Elements button to select multiple elements which define a zone. Upon completion of the map selection process, press the Enter key or right-mouse click and select Enter or Cancel from the menu to proceed. The selected pipes will be listed in the Pipe ID and Description fields. To delete a pipe ID from the list, highlight the ID from the list and select Delete Row to delete. To highlight the selected elements on the screen, use the Show Elements button. Use Import Selection Set button to load the selection set elements into the table.

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