The Append Nodes command is used to automate the pipe and node network creation in InfoWater Pro.  If the user has a pipe network in another third party application such as an  AutoCAD .dwg/.dxf file, a MicroStation .mif/.mid file or an ESRI .shp file, the network can be bought into InfoWater Pro through the Import Manager or GIS Gateway, and then converted to an InfoWater Pro pipe and node network.

The append nodes function will append nodes to the endpoints of the imported lines and convert the lines to pipe segments. To use the append nodes function go to the Model Explorer, click the Command Center tab on the bottom, navigate to the Exchange group, and double click the Append Nodes tool.

Searching Distance: Sets the searching distance at the end of each line segment to locate existing nodes or other endpoints to join together. Use the browse button to locate the searching distance on the map view.

Automatic Mode: When Automatic Mode is selected, junctions are automatically named. If not selected, you will be prompted for a new junction ID for every new junction that is created.

Node Type: Select the type of node to be created. Select from Junction, Tank, Reservoir, Pump or Valve.

Link Type: Select pipe as the link type.

Apply to Domain: If checked, the Append node function will be applied only to the items selected in a domain.

Append: Starts the Append Nodes process.

Cancel: Cancels the Append Node process.