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The Demand Allocator Options dialog box may be used to specify different allocation options. The Demand Allocator Options dialog box can be accessed through the Options button of the Demand Allocation Manager dialog box.

  • Overwrite Existing Junction ID - Select this option to overwrite the existing Junction ID field during automatic junction demand assignment.

  • Overwrite Existing Demand - Existing junction node demands will be overwritten during the demand allocation process. If unchecked, the computed demands will be added to the existing junction node demands.

  • Edit Attributes - Attributes of a polygon will be edited during the polygon creation process.

  • Distribute Allocated Demands Automatically - Use this option when the demand area polygons contain more than one junction per polygon and you wish to uniformly distribute the total demand to all the junctions within each polygon. This option is only available with the Polygon Intersection and Meter Summation allocation methods.

  • Target Demand Set - Select the demand set for the demand allocation. The computed demands can be exported to the Active Demand Set or to each Selected Demand Set.

  • Purge All Demands - Use the Purge All Demands button to reset all demands to zero.

  • OK - Save and exit the current dialog box.

  • Cancel - Close the dialog box and cancel all changes.