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The Alert tab of the Protector module lets you quickly visualize and report the extent of an event as well as sort in order of increasing distance (shortest to furthest) from the event location all affected customers for priority notification. You can then alert those affected customers and take necessary remedial measures. For example, you can list all customers that reside within a mile radius from a contamination event.

Alert Zone

Create Alert Zone - Use this option to graphically (interactively) create the Alert zone using your mouse starting at the event location. The Alert zone data (X and Y coordinates and corresponding radius) will then be displayed in the Event Location area. You can manually change this data and select the Update Alert Zone button to display the revised Alert zone.

Pick Point - Use this option to locate the event (center of alert circle) on the map and then key in the desired radius in the Affected Radius data entry field. Alternatively, the location of the event can be user-specified based on spatial X and Y coordinates.  

Update Alert Zone - Click on the Update Alert Zone button to graphically display the affected area (circle) based on the Affected Radius specified, and view all facilities (nodes and links) that are within the Alert circle.

Clear Alert Zone - Click on Clear Alert Zone button to clear the Alert Zone (affected circle) from the map.

Notify - Click on Notify to determine the affected customers in the Alert Zone. All affected customers will be listed in order of increasing distance (nearest to furthest) from the event location. As such, customers nearest to the event location can be alerted first (priority based notification).

Event Description/Alert Message

Event Description/Alert Message  - Use this box to type/record any text message describing the event for priority broadcast/notification.

Options - The Options button is used for assigning the GIS-based layer to be used for conducting a customer notification. 

Reset Map - Click Reset Map to reset the map display to its default state.

Close - Click Close to close the Protector dialog box. To conduct another water security analysis, simply click on another analysis tab in the Protector dialog box.