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You can create a 3D map display of your water model in InfoWater Pro 2.0 or higher. 

To create a 3D view:

  1. Go to InfoWater Pro ribbon.
  2. Click on the 3D Display  button. You should be able to view your model in 3D view:

Navigation Tool

For 3D views, the navigator appears by default in the lower left corner of the view. Click on the navigation tool to move the map in a northern, southern, eastern, or western direction. The points of the global positioning compass are abbreviated (N = North, S = South, E = East, and W= West).

  • Click on the North button to reset the view back to facing north.
  • Click and pan around the click wheel to rotate your map.
  • You can expand the navigation tool by clicking on the Show Full Control button.
    • You can use the Zoom Inbutton to zoom into your map.
    • You can use the Zoom Outbutton to zoom out of your map.

3D View Status Bar

You can view the following status bar at the bottom of the map:

  • Above Ground Level - You can view the elevation of your map location when you select an area of the map with your mouse. 
  • Snapping - Click on the Snapping button to turn on or turn off this feature. If you move your mouse to an element on the map (such as a junction, tank, or pipe), you can automatically snap to this point or the element within this feature.
  • Constraints - Click on the Constraints button to turn on or turn off the constraints feature. You can choose a different direction constraint than the default (absolute angle) and you can choose a different constraint for input mode than the default (distance angle) by hovering your mouse over the Constraints button and selecting the option from the Constraints pop-up window.
  • Grid - Click on the Grid button to turn on or to turn off the map grid. You can change the spacing, rotation, and elevation in the Grid button pop-up menu. Hover over the the button to view the pop-up window.
  • X, Y Coordinates -  You can view the X, Y Cartesian coordinates in this three-dimensional map with this status bar item. It is expressed as global positioning coordinates (latitude and longitude).
    • Click on the arrow button to change the map display units. Choose a unit from the list of units (meters, feet, US feet, decimal degrees, etc.):

  • Z Coordinate - You can view the Z Cartesian coordinate in this three-dimensional map with this status bar item.
  • Selected Features - If you select a network element with the ArcGIS default select, you will see the number of selected elements.
  • Pause Drawing - If the map is too large or the data size of the project is too big, you can click on the Pause button to stop the rendering of your map. 
  • Refresh - You can re-render the view of the map by clicking on this button.

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