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Discover some of the many benefits of InfoMaster:

  • Provides a universal way to prioritize linear and non-linear facility types using geospatial features in the familiar ArcMap interface
  • Directly integrate with Cityworks, Cartegraph, infraMAP and Lucity and interface with other leading CMMS software
  • Choose from the non-homogeneous Markov chain process (NHMC), non-homogeneous Poisson process (NHPP), Linear Extended Yule Process (LEYP), Weibull, Herz, and Cox proportional hazards pipe failure modeling techniques
  • Improve visibility of utility assets and operations
  • Make well-informed and action-oriented decisions
  • Automate asset renewal, rehabilitation and replacement processes
  • Establish a prioritized capital replacement plan
  • Reduce service costs and system vulnerabilities
  • Support predictive network maintenance “fix before break” strategy
  • Optimize capital improvement plans
  • Optimize maintenance and repair
  • Optimize sustainable infrastructure asset management
  • Enhance system integrity
  • Improve quality of service