InfoDrainage 2021.2 Help Documentation infodrainage2021v2

These release notes describe the new feature improvements for InfoDrainage 2021.2. In this release we’ve focused on bringing you the ability to design Foul / Sanitary Sewers as well as an important Licensing Update which requires action.

Licensing Update (ACTION REQUIRED)

With this latest update and to support our licensing technology in the future it was required that we issue new licenses. The new licenses will work with version 2021.2 onwards only.

Please Note: Your old license will work with versions up to 2021.1 and will continue to work for 30 days to allow installation of the new version and license. After 30 days your old license will cease to work, please contact our support team or your account manager for more information.

Foul / Sanitary Sewer Design

Design Foul / Sanitary Sewers using a range of methods with the Network Design Wizard able to size pipes and manholes in accordance with regulatory requirements for speedy approval. Choose from:

  • User entered base flows (see more details below)
  • EN752 Discharge Units method (including Total Discharge Units Calculator to avoid the need for additional spreadsheets)
  • Flow per person or per dwelling per day (Main Drainage Method)

Base Flow

Apply constant flows using the new Base Flow Inflow type for Storm or Foul phases. A Base Flow is a simplified input hydrograph.

Advanced Pipe Design

In both Foul and Storm phases the Network Design Wizard now allows optimal use of Limited Pipe Full Conditions, Maximum Slopes, Backdrops and Minimum Invert Levels to reduce the need for manual adjustments. With the same ability to review changes and optional commits putting the engineer in control of their design.

Synchronise Manhole and Connection Cover Levels

Synchronising the levels on the Manholes and the Connections. This will mean that if the cover level is edited on the Connections form it updates the Manhole, and vice versa.

Select All in Tree View

Select All on Tree View will enable better use of Properties for multi-edits and make it easier to change templates of all of one Object type.

Additional Licensing Improvements

Now enter the network license server in product and choose between different licenses where multiples exist to make it easier to apply and update licenses.

For information about the improvements in earlier versions of the application, refer to Improvements in Previous Releases