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When working with large sites, it can often be tedious to make numerous minor checks and adjustments. The Synchronise Manholes option allows you to adjust the invert levels of the selected manholes to match that of their lowest connection (incoming or outgoing). The manhole cover levels will not be changed, and the depths will be updated appropriately. Manholes are the only junctions that will be affected.

The Synchronisation can be performed in four ways; At the end of a connection Import From GIS, after a Pipe Autosize has been run, from the right click menu on the Tree View, or using the Ribbon option in the Pipe Networks Ribbon. Each of these options will affect a different set of manholes.

GIS Import Wizard

When importing connections from GIS, during the Property Mapping stage, a checkbox will be present that will allow the Manhole Synchronisation to take place. This will only affect any manholes that the imported connections attach to.

Network Design

The Network Design Criteria page of the Network Design Wizard on the Initial Sizing ribbon has a checkbox to allow the Synchronisation to be run as part of the Autosize. Autosizing is run from the Connections form by selecting individual flow paths; only the manholes within the selected flow path will be affected. The user  can click Cancel on the Connections form if they wish to discard any changes.

Tree View

Right clicking on the Junctions node of the Tree View will show the option to Synchronise Manholes (if any manholes are present). This option will Synchronise all manholes in the current phase.

Ribbon Option

The Pipe Networks Ribbon has an easily accessible option, which works identically to the Tree View option. This will affect all manholes in the current phase.

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