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The Properties view shows the details of the currently selected item and allows values to be changed quickly without the need to visit a detailed data form.

Display of items

The properties box will show the details of the currently selected item(s). It displays the following objects:

An item can be selected on the Plan, Tree view, Tables or via its data form. When the selection is changed the information associated with the object(s) will be shown in the table.  Equally if the selection is cleared, it will show ‘Nothing Selected’ in place of the table.

Edits to values will be completed 'live' meaning they are actioned immediately and will update in the other open views in the software. An undo marker will be created to allow the change to be undone if needed.

Multiple Selection

When multiple items are selected the properties box will show the properties that are shared between them.

In some instances this will be quite limited, i.e. selecting a Connection and a Junction as they only shared a Label value.

Where several of a similar type are selected, i.e. multiple junctions or pipe connections, the table will show the same information, but with values that differ showing '*VARIES*'. Edits to these values will be applied to all items in the selection, with label updates applying the usual rules to prevent multiple items with the same name.


The properties box does not show tables of information, such as inlets, outlets, layers, etc. These can be viewed on the individual data forms or tables.


This offers two options for displaying the data on the table:

Categorised - Properties will be grouped based on the type of property they are:

  • Inflows, Junctions, Stormwater Controls and Connections - Grouped based on the type of information. i.e. General, Dimensions, Levels, Analysis, Network Design, etc
  • Images – A single group as there are so few to consider.

Alphabetical - Properties are listed alphabetically based on their label.

Helper Text

Like the data forms it is useful to know what the valid range for a field are when entering information. The properties box will show the same information in the panel below the table.

This panel can be resized by adjusting the splitter bar.

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