InfoDrainage 2021.1 Help Documentation infodrainage2021v1
File/s needed: 
Click to download the Metric Tutorial Model files.

  1. Continue working on your previous file or open Pipe Design.iddx.
  2. Save it to filename Analysis.iddx.
  3. The purpose of this exercise is to assess whether the model floods during a 1:30 year storm. From the Rainfall/Pollutants ribbon, click the Rainfall Manager button.

  4. Select My FSR in Rainfall Manager Items, and then click the Return Periods tab and untick the 1:1 and 1:100 year storms.

  5. Click OK.
  6. From the Analysis ribbon, click the Analysis Criteria button. Make sure the All and My FSR boxes are selected. There should be 18 storms. Make sure that the Junction Flood Risk Margin is set to 300 mm.

  7. Click OK.
  8. In the Analysis ribbon, click Validate. This will report any issues with the model. Click OK.

  9. Click the Go button to start the simulation. Once the simulation is completed, the Connections Summary table automatically opens.

  10. Click the Critical Storm button on the Connections Summary dialog to show the worst case storm for all storms run. We can see that a few of the pipes are surcharged and there is some flooding. We will revisit this after we have added storage to the network.

  11. Go to the File ribbon and select Save to save your work.