InfoDrainage 2021.1 Help Documentation infodrainage2021v1

MDX files contain information about the site and the pipe network contained within the site. Not all the items in the file are supported currently and a guide is provided below. 

Site level


Networks – see Network level

Hard Copy Headings

Display Settings

Background Image


Plan Viewport

DXF and ShapeFiles (SHPs)

Proposed & Existing TINs

Simulation Criteria – see Simulation Criteria level

Region – UK or International – note this will modify Regionalisation Setting

Not Supported

Simulation Analysis Settings – Note: Networks will need to be reanalysed

Orientation & Coordinate Offset

GIS Objects e.g. Houses, Trees, etc

CASDeF Settings

Water & Rock Terrain


Rainwater Harvesting Data

Gully Design

Surface Water Channel Design

Graphics Objects

Annotation Settings

CASDeF Zones

FloodFlow results

Proposed & Existing Utilities

PIMP Classifications

Simulation Criteria level


Synthetic Rainfall – FSR and FEH

Rainfall Profile

Output Interval

Run Time

Continuous Rainfall is loaded as Rainfall Events

Additional Flow

Not Supported

Flow per Person


Hot Start & Hot Start Level


Foul per Hectare


Global Inlet Coefficient

Network level


Network Name – Note: if names are not unique they will be updated

Include in Analysis

Apply Offset

Design Criteria – Storm properties

Pipe Sizes Library

Manhole Sizes Library

Conduit Sections – only those used in the network

Pipes – see unsupported section


Open, Junctions and Gatic

Time Area Diagrams

Input Hydrographs

Unit Hydrographs

Surcharged Outfall

Storage Structures - see storage structures for specific information

Online and Offline Controls - see flow controls for specific information.

Not Supported

Pipe & Manhole Prefix

Design Criteria

Foul properties

Max Rainfall

Foul per Hectare



Connection Height

Curved pipes

Foul properties (e.g. Houses, Frequency Factor, Units, etc)

Simulation properties (e.g. Population, Industrial Flow, etc)

1/3 and 2/3 Cover levels

QuOST Classification


Sealed Manholes

Real time controls

Unit Hydrographs

Rainfall specified on FSR Unit Hydrographs – Simulation criteria rainfall takes precedence.


Conduit Sections – unused sections are not imported

Design Audit Settings


QuOST Classification Library

Diurnal Profiles & Form A

For information about warnings you may encounter during import, refer to Import Warnings.