InfoDrainage 2021.1 Help Documentation infodrainage2021v1

The following introductory tutorial for InfoDrainage is intended to give you a walkthrough on a project for a commercial retail client who must complete the design before commencing with construction. These introductory tutorials show how InfoDrainage is going help complete the stormwater system design and hand off all important details for submission to the rest of the project team and the City Review Department.

The data for various parts of this project is available, which you can leverage to complete this design faster, so you will look at importing CAD and GIS data. Once you have completed the final stormwater management design, you need to submit details of the treatment system to the ‘Site Team’ for incorporation into their final Grading and Site plans, as well as export various system results for use in a Drainage Report.

The following table provides the list of topics covered in this tutorial. Download the Introduction Project (USA) Model files and select the corresponding phase associated for each chapter.