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Import Pipe Network(s) allows the Connections and Junctions to be loaded into the current phase from LandXML file that may have been created in another application, such as Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D®

Select the option and specify a location and name of the XML file. 

This will then show the Imports Options dialog to give the details of the LandXML file selected as well as allowing the required networks to be chosen.

Say OK to then complete an import of the Pipe Network data into the current phase - See Create Or Update section below for details.

Once the import has been completed the Import Summary will provide information of what has been added or updated within the phase.

Create or Update

When the data within the LandXML file is processed the software will attempt to update/merge the contents of the file with any existing data in the design based on the items name. This allows the idea of 'Round-Tripping' the design data so you can export your design to another package, make some amendments, and then reload it into InfoDrainage. 

  • New - If the Pipe (Connection) or Structure (Junction) being loaded from the LandXML file does not exist in the design a new object will be created.
  • Update/Merge - If a Connection, Junction or Stormwater Control with the same name already exists in the design the Import process will update its information to match the LandXML data. This allows the location and dimensions to be updated whilst maintaining the additional information held within InfoDrainage. i.e. Inlets, Outlets, Inflow connectivity, Advanced settings, etc.

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