InfoDrainage 2021.1 Help Documentation infodrainage2021v1

The File Menu allows changes to InfoDrainage designs and background preferences. 


Creates a new InfoDrainage design.

New from Project Template

Create a new design from a specified Project Template


Load an existing InfoDrainage design file (.iddx), an existing XPDRAINAGE file (.xpdx) or an existing MicroDrainage file (.mdx, .mdsx, .srcx, .casx).

Open Recent

Displays a list of the last files worked on and their file paths.  The files can be opened from this location. 


Allows the design to be saved to an IDDX file.

Save As

Allows the design to be saved to an IDDX file or an existing MicroDrainage file (.mdx) at the specified location.

Save as Project Template

Save the current design settings to a Project Template


Allows a variety of global settings to be modified as required by the user. See Preferences

Object Templates

Opens the Object Templates dialog.

Transmit Design

Opens the Transmit Design form, which allows the design to be exported to a .ZIP file along with any referenced files and results.

Hard Copy Headings

The Hard Copy Headings dialog allows users to specify the headings that will be printed at the top of each page. 


The Print command sends the current network design and other information to a selected printer or plotter. 

Plot Profile

Opens the Plot Profile form, which allows one or more profiles to be plotted to scale.


Exits the program.

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