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The Multiple Outlet option allows one or more Outlet flow controls to be combined as a single outlet location.

Multiple: Specification 

Spreadsheet - shows the combined Depth / Outflow relationship when all flow controls and their relative levels are considered.

Click the Edit button to display the Multiple Control Calculator.

Multiple: Control Calculator 

Control List:  The list of controls contained within the Multiple control. Selecting a row displays its details on the right hand side for editing.

Change Data Item:  

Create A New Item:  

Clear Data in Row:  

Clears All Data:  

Solve for displayed controls: 

Attempts to calculate the parameters for each individual control that are needed to maintain the corresponding desired design depth and desired design flow. Selecting this option will validate the Desired Design Flow and depth, but will not validate individual control parameters, e.g., Height for a Gate, so these must be entered correctly beforehand

Show/Hide Wizard: Shows/Hides the Desired Design Depth and Desired Design Flow columns next to the control List

Desired Design Depth: Specifies the desired depth at which the corresponding control should begin. These must be listed in ascending order. The corresponding control will be in effect for the depths between its Desired Design Depth and the Desired Design Depth of the following control.

Desired Design Flow: Specifies the desired design flow at which the control should come into effect, i.e., the flow at which the corresponding design depth is reached.

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