MDX files contain information about the site and the pipe network contained within the site. Not all the items in the file are supported currently and a guide is provided below. 

Site level


Networks – see Network level

Hard Copy Headings

Display Settings

Background Image


Plan Viewport

DXF and ShapeFiles (SHPs)

Proposed & Existing TINs

Simulation Criteria – see Simulation Criteria level

Region – UK or International – note this will modify Regionalisation Setting

Not Supported

Simulation Analysis Settings – Note: Networks will need to be reanalysed

Orientation & Coordinate Offset

GIS Objects e.g. Houses, Trees, etc

CASDeF Settings

Water & Rock Terrain


Rainwater Harvesting Data

Gully Design

Surface Water Channel Design

Graphics Objects

Annotation Settings

CASDeF Zones

FloodFlow results

Proposed & Existing Utilities

PIMP Classifications

Simulation Criteria level


Synthetic Rainfall – FSR and FEH

Rainfall Profile

Output Interval

Run Time

Continuous Rainfall is loaded as Rainfall Events

Additional Flow

Not Supported

Flow per Person


Hot Start & Hot Start Level


Foul per Hectare


Global Inlet Coefficient

Network level


Network Name – Note: if names are not unique they will be updated

Include in Analysis

Apply Offset

Design Criteria – Storm properties

Pipe Sizes Library

Manhole Sizes Library

Conduit Sections – only those used in the network

Pipes – see unsupported section


Open, Junctions and Gatic

Time Area Diagrams

Input Hydrographs

Unit Hydrographs

Surcharged Outfall

Storage Structures - see storage structures for specific information

Online and Offline Controls - see flow controls for specific information.

Not Supported

Pipe & Manhole Prefix

Design Criteria

Foul properties

Max Rainfall

Foul per Hectare



Connection Height

Curved pipes

Foul properties (e.g. Houses, Frequency Factor, Units, etc)

Simulation properties (e.g. Population, Industrial Flow, etc)

1/3 and 2/3 Cover levels

QuOST Classification


Sealed Manholes

Real time controls

Unit Hydrographs

Rainfall specified on FSR Unit Hydrographs – Simulation criteria rainfall takes precedence.


Conduit Sections – unused sections are not imported

Design Audit Settings


QuOST Classification Library

Diurnal Profiles & Form A

For information about warnings you may encounter during import, refer to Import Warnings.