InfoDrainage 2020.2 Help Documentation infodrainage2020v2

MicroDrainage files can be imported into InfoDrainage by clicking the Import Design button.

Importing MicroDrainage Files

  1. In the Import ribbon, click the Import Design button 

  2. Select the MicroDrainage (*.mdx) file that you want to import.

  3. Save the file in a desired location and give it a file name. The application will save the file as an InfoDrainage file (*.iddx).
  4. Click Save.
  5. Review the Import Warnings and then click OK.

    A log file will be created containing the warning messages, which will be saved in the same location as the imported file.

Import Warnings

The following table lists some common Import Warnings you may encounter when importing a MicroDrainage file.

MicroDrainage files contain some site and pipe information that are currently not supported. For a list of supported and not supported items, refer to MDX File Format.
MicroDrainage PropertyMicroDrainage Sub PropertyProperty ValueWarning Message
NetworkNetworkTypeFoul Main (1) or Foul Unit (2) Foul properties have not been imported.
User ConduitUser Specified TrueWetted Area/Wetted Perimeter have been user specified which have not been imported.
User ConduitWetted Area/Wetted Perimeter If Tolerance > 10% (Tolerance calculation (D2 WA - MD WA)/ MD WAWetted Area/Wetted Perimeter values for the original conduit have not been met with the copied coordinates. Reconfirm connection outline.
Design CriteriaMax Rainfall> 0 Max Rainfall value cannot be imported.
Pimp Classifications
there are Pimp Classifications in the mdxPimp Classifications have not been imported.
Simulation CriteriaFlowPerPerson, Areal, Foul Per Hectare> 0 The following Simulation Criteria have not been imported: Flow Per Person, Areal and Foul per Hectare
PipeBaseFlows> 0Pipe Baseflow cannot be imported.
PipeCurved PipesConnectionType = 1Pipe Curve point cannot be imported.
PipeSimulation Properties> 0 Pipe Simulation properties have not been imported (see help).
ManholeSealed ManholeManhole Connection type set to Sealed Sealed Manholes cannot be imported, these have been set to Open Manholes.
Real Time Controls
Real Time Control is presentReal Time Control properties cannot be imported.
Unit HydrographsReFH2ReFH2 UH has been specifiedReFH2 Unit Hydrograph properties cannot be imported.
Unit HydrographsOffset> 0Unit Hydrograph Offset value cannot be imported.
Diurnal Profiles & Form A
Diurnal Profile is presentDiurnal Profiles & Form A properties cannot be imported.