InfoDrainage 2020.2 Help Documentation infodrainage2020v2

The Growth Curve Editor allows you to enter Growth Curve Factors for the ICP SUDS, IH 124, and ADAS 345 methods.

This option may not be available for your region. For more information, refer to the Regionalisation topic.

New - This button allows you to clear the spreadsheet date and start a new growth curve.

Open - This button allows you to load a GCF, IDGCFX, GCFX, or SRCX (MicroDrainage, Source Control module) file.

Save - This button allows you to save to a IDGCFX file.

Growth Curve Description - This field allows you to enter a description of the growth curve.

Spreadsheet - Enter the Growth Curve Factors for each return period. A .GCFX or .GCF file can be loaded into the form.