These release notes describe the new feature improvements for InfoDrainage 2020.1

Hydraulic LID Updates

Stormwater controls now support backwater analysis enabling accurate and realistic assessment of complex mitigation strategies.

Manhole Design Improvements

  • Manhole Sizing as part of the Network Design Wizard including Offsets calculation to producing designs that meet regulatory requirements.

  • Manhole Schedule formatted to meet industry standard templates for clear communication with stakeholders and reduced post-processing.
  • Setting Out Information allows site origin and orientation to be entered to accommodate site requirements and enable easier to interpret schedules.
  • Insert Junction avoids losing connection data and needing to redraw when adding new junctions.


  • Regional modes – View software in Global or Regional modes to display only relevant methodologies and calculators giving a cleaner interface for efficient and predicable workflows.

  • Project templates – Shareable templates saving reusable settings, object templates and rainfall to avoid setting up data multiple times.

Printing / Reporting Improvements

Improved printing / reporting layout for clearer interpretation of results. Expanded reporting data now included to produce a complete set of print outs.

Multiple Rainfall Datasets

Run multiple return periods and different rainfall datasets in one simulation to accommodate all required events in the same analysis enabling easier comparison and identification of critical storms.

New Stormwater Control - Cellular Storage

Specify crate dimensions and number of crates without the need for manual calculations.

Area Summary

Tabular report of all contributing areas that have been analysed to easily review and report total and impermeable areas.

New Outlet - Hydro-Brakes®

Built in calculator to size HydroBrakes® using the Hydro International built in curves for their vortex controls automatically design/size appropriate flow control devices with built in curve data without having to manually populate depth/flow tables.

ReFH2 Unit Hydrograph

UK unit hydrograph methodology now supported to meet UK regulatory requirements to use the latest hydrograph runoff method.

Import / Export MicroDrainage format files

  • Import .mdx, .srcx, .casx, .mdsx
  • Export .mdx

Enable smooth transition for users working with Industry Standard software to continue with designs or integrate with other packages supporting these formats.

New Licensing Technology

Improved User Experience in applying new licenses and upgrading licenses without the need to exchange files.

For information about the improvements in earlier versions of the application, refer to Improvements in Previous Releases