These release notes describe the new feature improvements for InfoDrainage 2021.5.

A reminder that a Licensing Update was made in 2021.2, if you did not install this version please note that a new license is required - for more information please see Improvements in Previous Releases.

Deluge Engine Upgrade

The generation of deluge results has been upgraded to a new faster, more accurate 2D engine which enables the support of irregular triangular meshes allowing better identification of flow paths and ponding areas to identify optimal locations for surface water management solutions.

Compatibility with Civil 3D® 2022

InfoDrainage for Civil 3D®  is now compatible with Civil 3D® 2022 enabling our customers to work with the latest software update available as recommended by Autodesk.

Analysis with Hydrograph / Base Flows Only

Analysis of hydrographs or baseflows only (without rainfall / inflow areas) is now supported to enable all types of design workflows to be completed without the need to specify dummy rainfall data.

For information about the improvements in earlier versions of the application, refer to Improvements in Previous Releases