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The Work Manager contains many tabs with many different options for storing CMMS information in InfoAsset Planner.

Catch BinThe Catch Bin tab is simply used for displaying work items on the map.

Service RequestThis tab stores customer complaints, mains breaks, and other information which may trigger further work.  Service requests are the one work item with a geospatial component.

Inspection Inspection data such as planned CCTV surveys, GPS surveys, smoke tests, and any other custom inspections may be stored in this tab.  CCTV surveys which have been completed are best stored in the Survey Import tab, but custom inspections without defect-by-defect results are good candidates for storage in this tab.

Work OrderPlanned or completed work orders may be stored within this tab.  Work order information is very similar to inspection information, however, work orders have the added flexibility of being able to associate a single work order with multiple facilities/assets.

ProjectWork orders and inspections may be bundled into projects within this tab.

Reminder - You may create work orders and inspections within this tab which are to occur on a recurring basis.  Standalone work orders and inspections are generally not stored within this tab.

Smart FieldWork ManagerThis tab is only necessary if you are accessing the Smart FieldWork Manager toolbar add-on.  It is discussed exclusively in the Basic - Smart FieldWork Manager, SFM Help page.

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