InfoAsset Planner's Work Manager tab is the main interface for storing and editing Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) data within the InfoAsset Planner project database.  Some of you may choose to ignore this window entirely and keep their own CMMS system separate from InfoAsset Planner; some of you may choose to rely on the Work Manager heavily.  Innovyze does not promote InfoAsset Planner as a fully fledged CMMS solution;however, the Work Manager may be used to more tightly integrate an operating CMMS solution with InfoAsset Planner's powerful analytics.  Work Manager information can be leveraged within the risk analysis, deterioration models, rehabilitation planning, and within the data miner tool.

InfoAsset Planner's Work Manager window may be opened by clicking the  button in the main InfoAsset Planner toolbar.  Within the Work Manager window there are separate tabs for storing service requests, inspections, and work orders.  Three further tabs, Catch Bin, Projects, and Reminders, are used to organize these three categories of CMMS data.

The last tab, Smart FieldWork Manager, is only needed if you are accessing the Smart FieldWork Manager add-on toolbar.  For more information, see Tier 1 - Smart FieldWork Manager.

Only one item is constant regardless of the tab selected: The bottom toolbar controlling the maximum page size.  This toolbar allows you to vary the number of records shown on each page and scroll through the items.

Further information regarding the different tabs can be found on the following pages:

For more information regarding how to import data into the Work Manager see the following pages: